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Buy IQOS 3 MULTI in Dubai:UAE
IQOS 3 Multi Tobacco Heating System [ORIGINAL] in Dubai/UAEThe first look is astonishing. Unlike Chinese plastic, Multi seems to be aluminium, although, in fact, it’s not. In gold, it is a charming piece of electronics, perfectly suited to men’s jacket, in the pocket of jeans and women’s handbags. Although it is relatively long, you do not have the impression of bending it or even breaking it. The two parts are no longer so beautiful, yet it is a movable part, but on the one hand, it masks the oblique button with a single light.
Available Colours:
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How to use IQOS Multi
Using IQOS 3 Multi is easy, unlock the latch, insert HEET and hold the button until it vibrates. The next vibration reports a heated charge after 15 seconds, and after five and a half minutes it vibrates for the last 30 seconds or two overlays. Slide the cover out of HEET, the flap closes. Nothing new.

The news comes sooner. No return to the rechargeable battery and you can safely give you another and the next HEETS. Up to ten in a row. And then connect to the source, for example from your mobile phone with USB-C, for 75 minutes. Recharging is significantly less prone to the original recharger, it works reliably even in a car where IQOS is otherwise picky.

One button rules everything. IQOS will not only activate it but also turn it off, restart (hold for 10 seconds) or activate Bluetooth. Check the bottom of the device where the lights and the charger socket are on.

HeatControl remains unchanged, HEETS is heated with the same flask as the other models, so Multi also needs to be properly cleaned. At first, he did not move very much, but as he burned, there was a new, practical cleaner that is packed and cleaned as before.

This makes Multi a device primarily for home, office, and especially for cars where annoying handling will be avoided. The manufacturer is counting on this and offers a car charger and a cigarette charger in the upgraded accessories.


117 x 25 x 13mm



Weight with Packaging




Battery Type


Power Input

USB Cable

Maximum Blade Temperature

202°C/ 396°F

Charging Time

1 hour, 15 minutes

Heating Time

20 seconds

Length of Cycle

6 minutes or 14 puffs

Number of Consecutive Uses

Officially 10, but our test users got 14




HEETSMarlboro for IQOS

Can Kit Accessories be Purchased Separately


Colors Available

Black, white, blue, gold – holder cap available in additional colors

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