How to Use IQOS First Time ? Beginner Guide

How to Use IQOS First Time

Are you looking forward to continuing your consumption of tobacco but tired of the smell and smoke
brought by cigarettes? If yes, you must be looking for IQOS. As the abbreviation in the name itself says ‘ I
Quit Ordinary Smoking,’ you can get a clear idea of how it might be of help for your smoking habits.
Besides bringing you a cleaner tobacco consumption experience, IQOS ensures much less harmful
consumption compared to cigarettes. As said by the IQOS company, the vapour produced by this e-cigarette contains less than 10% of the toxic substances that come from cigarette smoke.

How to Get Started with IQOS ?

How to Get Started with IQOS ?

How to Get Started with IQOS ?

Before anything, you will need 3 things to get started with IQOS. These include, the pocket charger, the
holder and the tobacco stick. To start, place the holder in the pocket charger. Then place the tobacco
stick inside the holder and you will be able to enjoy your smoke free tobacco experience for the next 6
minutes approximating or 14 puffs.

How to Charge the IQOS Holder?

How to Get Started with IQOS ?

How to Get Started with IQOS ?

In order to ensure durability and standard taste, you will need to keep the holder clean. It’s better if you
clean it with your own hands everyday. Usually the holder and the pocket charger lasts for up to around
7300 tobacco consumptions. You can charge the holder for maximum 20 times. The pocket charger
takes around 1 hour 30 minutes to get fully charged.

Before putting the holder on charge, close the latch. If you have a tobacco stick inside the holder, take it
out first to close the latch. You don’t necessarily need to put the holder inside the pocket charger for the
charger to recharge. Before using it for the first time, make sure you fully charge the pocket charger.
For charging the holder, insert it into the pocket charger and press the button for turning it on. In order
to reset, tap on the on/off button and the cleaning button hold onto the two buttons together for 2
seconds. In case if the area inside the holder where you have placed the tobacco stick becomes hot after
or while using it, do not worry. It’s usual for that portion to turn hot during use.

How to Clean the IQOS Holder?

It’s important that you keep the holder clean in order to ensure the best experience. About daily
cleaning, it’s the holder’s heating blade, the sections around it and its cap that needs to be cleaned
everyday. Cleaning once a day is good enough. Use the IQOS Cleaner and the Cleaning stick to clean it.
Before cleaning the device, remove the cap fully. You can wash the cap separately but remember to dry
it before placing it back on the holder. Other than clean plain water, do not use any other chemical or
cleaning liquids for the cap.

Suitable Conditions for IQOS

You can derive the best taste from the tobacco stick when the IQOS device is used above 10 °C and
below 40°C. However, it is suitable to function in various temperatures. Make sure to keep it away from
water, sunlight, heat and too high temperatures. Avoid keeping it in places of heat such in a car, to
prevent it from getting damaged.


The most significant feature of IQOS is that it doesn’t burn the tobacco. It heats it and creates an aerosol
that gives you the actual taste of tobacco. Best part is that it allows you to enjoy tobacco in a much
more harmless form without any fire, ash, smoke and strong smell. Furthermore, according to a
research in Switzerland, it was seen that teeth exposed to IQOS aerosol do not get discoloured unlike
teeth exposed to cigarette smoke.

Hope you now got a clear idea of how to use IQOS for the first time. For any queries, feel free to share
your confusions with us. We will be happy to help you.

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